We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a
professional service, guaranteed accuracy
and the highest level of confidentiality.

About us

DM Ekspert d.o.o. is private accounting company founded in 1993, which specializes in full Accounting and Payroll services for Small and Mid-size businesses. DM Ekspert d.o.o. also provides tax consulting, tax planning, audit and reporting services.

Excellent SME certificate

DM Ekspert d.o.o. has been awarded by Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the “Excellent Small and Medium Enterprise” certificate, in April 2017, as the company that satisfies the criteria for certification. Certification basis is credit report and regular monitoring by COFACE Serbia credit reporting house. The “Excellent Small and Medium Enterprise” certificate was extended in April 2019.

Our staff

DM Ekspert has seventeen full-time employees and several co-operators. Thirteen accountants and two tax advisors are full-time employed and several accountants are part-time engaged.


DM Ekspert d.o.o. is providing Accounting, Payroll and Tax Consulting services to clients from various industries, such as:

wholesale and retail
real estate developers
food and beverage
construction services
management consultancies
music industry
legal services

Our clients are mainly small-sized and medium businesses, but we are also providing services to high profile multinational companies and to non-governmental organizations. DM Ekspert d.o.o. is providing professional services for more than 80 legal entities.


+381 11 2088151
+381 11 7702275

Head office: Belgrade, Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 45A/8
Accounting office: Belgrade, Dalmatinska 23, premises 2